The Modern Jazz Tuba Project members all play

LOUD MOUTHPIECES - designed by Joe Murphy


All of our mouthpieces are solid surgical grade stainless steel for trombone, euphonium & tuba.

Here's what our clients are saying...

"I really love the LM-7. The first time I put it in the horn everything was easier: slurs articulations, dynamic contrast, with less effort. A very efficient mouthpiece!

As far as the LM-10 goes... I received the mouthpiece yesterday as I was running off to work. I tried it in the warm up room and liked it so much I used it for the concert! I usually use a Mirafone or Schilke C4 on my Yamaha 822f but I have been searching for a mouthpiece that would give me more highs without cutting out the low overtones. That's what I'm getting out of this mouthpiece. I played it for some of my colleagues and they all prefer the sound of the LM-10 to my C4's. The rim is great and I really like the feel of the stainless. Thanks, Joe!"

Norman Pearson

Principal Tuba, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra



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The Modern Jazz Tuba Project will be performing at the


in Cincinatti, OH - June 25, 2008 - 8:30pm


The Modern Jazz Tuba Project

"I am more than impressed, I'm jealous!" - Jim Self, Hollywood recording artist

"MJT is the most important thing to happen in tuba jazz yet!" - Sam Pilafian, tubist

"The playing is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!" - Dean Somerville, tubist



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